Join the AC Supporters Group

From providing a quality product on the field, to ensuring a positive and fun gameday experience for all of our fans, we are always looking at ways to better our club. As we continue to grow, we have received requests from fans regarding starting a supporters group. 

We at Academica have always felt that any supporters group that is started, should be started organically. This means a supporters group started by fans, not the club. We strongly believe that a supporters group can be a crucial component to a strong gameday atmosphere while creating a true home field advantage. With that said, we would like open doors for any fans that would look to join/start a supporters group. We as a club would like to make it easy for club members to get in contact with one another and make this a reality. Sign up below if you’d be interested in joining a fan organized supporters group. 

Let’s turn Academica field into something special come gameday. Central Valley, let us hear your voice!