Open Letter

Dear AC Fans,

Seven months ago, we were preparing to take on El Farolito in Week 3 of our 3rd NPSL season. The team was coming off an impressive string of four victories in a row including a win against the professional Oakland Roots and the reigning Golden Gate Conference champions FC Davis. We were optimistic about getting our first win over El Farolito after four tries. Spirits were high.

Unfortunately, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were closed, states were put on lockdown, the match was cancelled, and the writing was on the wall that our 2020 season was over. Safety became the priority as our coveted home fields went silent as trainings were cancelled and players were forced to stay at home.  Our new jerseys and training equipment tucked away with no idea when they would be brought out again. It was a dark time for everyone as the world as we knew it changed.

Fast forward to now and the world is slowly rebounding from the devastation. Businesses are opening up again and adapting to new regulations, professional sporting events have returned albeit under strict regulation and no fans, schools have transitioned online and kids can once again see friends. Youth sports are coming back in increments and it’s great to see players back at our fields. These steps are vital in the worlds return to normalcy and we can’t wait until it is our turn to do the same. There is much uncertainty about our 2021 season but we are optimistic that we will return to competition early next year. We aren’t willing to risk the safety of our players until then, especially playing meaningless matches because that’s what we consider matches without our supporters. We want fans to be present but we aren’t willing to risk their safety in order to do so. For now, we as a club are working to get back on the field when it’s the right time. We can’t wait to hear the BGB sing, to enjoy the sunshine at Academica Field, to stay undefeated against FC Davis, and to see the Valley’s team take the pitch again. Just because we aren’t playing, doesn’t mean we aren’t still here for the 209.

Until then, stay safe and as always, Força AC!

Simon Bettencourt

Club President

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