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In early 2020, our very own Cody Golbad started a community driven clothing brand called The 2o9 in an effort to improve his local neighborhoods. We sat down with Cody to see how this project has grown.

Tell us a little about the 2o9.

“The 2o9 is community minded non-profit whose mission and vision is to create both recreational and educational opportunities within the 209 area code.”

What inspired you to start The 2o9?

 “Being born, raised and bred in beautiful Merced, CA, I grew up experiencing a serious lack of quality playing facilities within the area. Even though we made do with what we had at the time, I truly believe this particular vehicle for change can help develop the vast amounts of talents and skilled young individuals already present in our communities. Playing pick up around Merced growing up, I was lucky enough to build relationships which have continued to flourish to this day. Our mission is to continue to provide local youth with the opportunity to network and build those relationships which will pay major dividends for the rest of their lives.”

2o9 apparel

What inspired the logo for The 2o9?

“We created our logo with where we came from in mind. The 2o9 is the roots for the metaphorical trees we aspire to plant within our local communities. Our projects will help provide shade for those who are in most need.” 

What projects do you have lined up?

 “Our first project we are working on is the 2o9 recreational/educational facility in Merced. The recreational facility will host outdoor futsal leagues, tournaments and youth clinics for local sports clubs and the like. In Phase Two of our construction, we are looking to incorporate our educational academies and after school programs for local youth to gain experience and resources for growth through their teen and young adult lives.”

Proposed Recreational facility in Merced

We noticed that The 2o9 also produces a podcast; what topics do you cover?

 “On The2o9 Podcast, I speak on a variety of subjects from psychology to self-improvement to financial literacy to providing updates on our projects and growth. Feel free to listen to an episode and subscribe on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.”

Who are some of the people that inspire you?

 “We are inspired by a wide variety of individuals from the sports, music and business worlds. The firsts that always come to mind are Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle. These individuals embody the values in which our non-profit is built upon, more specifically, the aspiration to empower others to become the best versions of themselves. They also had the vision to create influence which goes past way beyond the scope of just themselves.”

Golbad in action for AC

What do you hope The 2o9 accomplishes in the future?

“The 2o9 will create our recreational and educational facilities in the city of Merced, with the vision to grow all throughout our valley. It is only a matter of time. We plan for our facilities and educational academies to have generational impact, influencing countless generations to come within our valley. As an organization, we are in this for “The Marathon” and understand that nothing great happens overnight. Day by day, we get closer to achieving our goals as a company.”

Where can people find more information regarding The 2o9?

“You can follow us on all the social media platforms. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @the2o9us. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Podcast named The2o9 on Apple and Spotify Podcasts. To continue to follow our progress and learn even more about us, visit our website to read the blog, learn more about our projects and shop our community-minded merchandise. Peace and love from the 2o9.”

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